Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is This Even Real??

Donald was watching this video yesterday evening. It's a young woman addressing the Santa Cruz, CA, City Council on May 13, 2008. She drones on and on, saying the most outlandish things. She's all over the place, from organic food and perfect pesticides to mining metals and silkworms. There's also a very interesting bit about how the East Coast has slaves.

I have to ask myself if this is even real. Could it be a joke?
Also (if it's real) why didn't her friends or family stop her?
It's cruel to let someone speak in public if you know it might turn out like this:

Please note that the video above is only bits excerpted from the original. (If you can believe it.)

In case the video "disappears", here's my best effort at a transcript:

Young Woman:
"While [or is it "Well"?] the crops are, um, growing very well, and um, they're organic and some of them have pesticides, and I think that we should make, um, a perfect pesticide for the crops, but, um, and it's good for people, and healthy, and keeps the crops preserved, too, because we need the food, because it's food and stuff, and organic food is good also."

"And the businesses downtown, um, really need to lower their rent, because if the rent was lowered, those people would really have their own businesses. They have enough stuff. They're very good at making things. They're like experts. They're really good."

"And we can really be a community, and um, make the things, and um, sell them in our stores, and I really believe that it can be a California thing-- that it can, it can really work out-- because, um, we can be rich in cotton, and mining metals, and silkworms, and we could make things-- we could make things-- cars-- the machine can make it for us. And we can have the community, and the city, and San Francisco, and we can make things and put them in the store..."

"On the East Coast, they have slaves, and they believe in slavery and made in China, but um, on the West Coast-- the New West Coast-- we don't believe in that. We believe in the Union, and that's what we are..."

"You can grow every kind of fruit and vegetable you want. That's how they do it. They have fruit trees and vegetable trees. That's where fruit and vegetable comes from."

"You freeze the fruit and vegetables. It'll last forever. You can put, you know, broccoli or strawberries in the freezer. It'll last forever. If you don't, it, you know, might go bad in a while, but..."

"People! We live in California. This is our home. This is where we live."

"Growing food is so good, um, for the people, because it's free. Alls you have to do is pay the farmers and pay for the land. But why do we have to pay for the land? The land's free. It's new land, you know. I mean, do we have to pay for the land? Do we have to pay rent? Do we have to pay? Um, the food's free, so we should just... sell it at the farmer's market."

Official Guy: "Thank you. Next speaker?"

(One person in the audience claps as she leaves the podium.)
(Am I mean for posting this? Oh well. I'm just really thankful that this wasn't from a city council meeting in Alabama...)