Monday, August 31, 2009

UFO ;o)

Donald spotted a mysterious "UFO" floating through the sky yesterday evening. By the time he thought to get the camera, it was getting dark and the object (moving at a decent clip) was almost out of sight. These were the best pictures he could get:

UFO:  What is it?

It looks like a red and blue/turquoise balloon of some type, but it's a very strange shape for a balloon-- less like a typical weather balloon or hot air balloon than one of those inflatable characters you see in Thanksgiving Day parades! It seemed to "twirl" a little, and sometimes it looked like there were two or three legs or tails (???) descending from it. Maybe it was a pair of Paul Bunyan's pants riding the jet stream down from Up North. Or a three-tentacled alien balloon creature. Or maybe it was something like this... (Here's another view of the same dino-shaped hot air balloon.)

If anyone has an idea what it might be, please leave a comment. We're stumped!