Saturday, January 2, 2010

"We Know Where You Live", Etc.

(I do intend to eventually write here, again-- and about more than the occasional ad, too.  Just not this weekend, probably...)

First, the less funny of the two ads. 

I'm still not sure how I feel about these ads and things that like to throw around (what they think is) your location.  Like you're going to see the name of the town where you live (only in this case, they're off by a bit) and be overcome by the urge to (cue flat, hypnotized voice) click the ad. . .Must. . .click. . .the ad. . . I guess it's an eye-catcher, but do they have to rub it in my face that The Internet knows everything about me, including my present location?  I don't think I like it. 

Also, apparently people in F---y live in houses of matches.  (?) 

But this gem is the real reason I decided to log in to the old blog this morning.  Someone had to blog about it. 

What's the deeper meaning here?  Is the implication that only weirdos with ugly glasses, piggish noses, and really unfortunate smiles would be fool enough to fail to take advantage of Obama's refinance plan?

Yeah, that must be it.

Well, enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!  Sorry I haven't written since last year (ha ha); I'll try to do better.