Monday, July 26, 2010

Cheerful Tunes ;o)

I haven't embedded music in a while. (And sometimes I can't find the song I want for my little Playlist widget in the sidebar, so YouTube it is.) So... This entry will be a boring bunch of music-themed rambling. Sorry, something else next time.

This entry's title? Chosen because this first song isn't exactly cheerful, yet I still find myself playing it a lot lately:

(The video itself is kind of pointless-- just a few photos of the band, I guess.)

The Rosebuds have been a bit of a musical obsession lately. I'm also enjoying "Life Like", "Border Guards", "Cape Fear", and (to a lesser degree) "Another Way In".

(Incidentally, I feel obliged to comment that I don't necessarily endorse the lyrics of these or any other songs I may link to in my blog. (g) I'm usually listening for melodies, harmonies, etc.-- not so much the words. I know, lyricists everywhere simultaneously give me the evil eye-- but sorry, it's still true.)

This next one continues the cheerful theme. With a name like "Apocalypse Lullaby", you know it's cheery! ;o) However, since I can't find the version sung by The Wailin' Jennys, here's one of some man I don't know playing it on his guitar-- so it's lacking the lyrics... so you can just pretend it's about something nicer than the apocalypse. (g)  "Fluffy Baby Bunnies Lullaby", perhaps?

He did a good job (especially if he figured it all out for himself)!

One more, then...
Despite the title, "Terrified", it's a love song.

Favorite things about the song-- the lush (somewhat Asian-sounding) background and the main repeat in the melody.

Well, enough of that for a while.  Something a little more real next time, as we agreed earlier.