Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Lazy Are We, Exactly?

I understand the appeal of convenience foods-- I truly do.  I've made Hamburger Helper, instant pudding, mashed potatoes from flakes and so on.  I don't turn my nose up at a box-mix cake.  Trust me-- I get it.  Sometimes you need something quick and easy (or you're just not confident enough to cook or bake without the safety net).  However, there are limits-- or at least I thought there were.  Now... I'm not so sure:

Why waste a whole two or three minutes measuring out spices when you can get them pre-measured?  (This is going to save me so much time!  Think of everything I'll get accomplished in the time I used to waste rummaging through my spice cabinet and fumbling around with measuring spoons!  It's going to change my life.)

You get a recipe card, too, but these days, you can find a hundred different recipes for practically any dish you can imagine, for free, online. 

I have a feeling these won't be around for long.