Friday, September 3, 2010

Beginning to Feel Like Autumn

Ok, not really.  It's about six o'clock and it's still 90 outside, so (in my opinion) it still feels decidedly summery (though not as H-O-T as it was for a while).  Still, the calendar assures me it's September.  Every week I see more and more comments from people elsewhere in the world referring to the changing seasons (often regretfully).  Kids have started a new school year.  I even see people wearing sweaters and jackets on TV (not the local news, it should be noted).   It's enough to give me hope that cooler weather is truly on its way.  It's enough to help me at least pretend that there's already a taste of autumn in the air. 

I am so looking forward to fall this year (as every year). 

I want crisp, clear air!   Windows open!  Breezes teasing the curtains!  Long, slanting, honey-hued rays of late-afternoon sunshine!  Red and gold and orange and brown everywhere!  I want to go on comfortable walks around the pond!  Goodbye mosquitoes!  Go to sleep, snakes!  I want evenings cool enough that the warmth thrown from a little bonfire is pleasant!  Let's hear the crunch of dry leaves underfoot!  Let's go on a photo "expedition" around the yard and see what we turn up!  I want to take out and wear my favorite jeans and sweaters!  Give me an excuse to use my crocheted scarves!  Make the evenings just cool enough that we'll want to cuddle up under our afghans to read a good book!  Bring on the new season of my favorite TV programs!  (I've been waiting months to see how those cliff-hanger endings turn out!) 

Sweet autumn, there's no need to be shy.  Come on down!