Sunday, August 29, 2010

Because Everyone Loves It

I'm writing this because everyone loves it when you write about the weather is like where you live.  The only topic they find more stimulating, in fact, is "What I Dreamed Last Night"-- but I'm saving that one for another time.  ;o)

We've been having drizzle and/or rain for what feels like a solid block of time starting Friday night.  (I'm sure it hasn't been going constantly, but it definitely feels like it has.)  And it rained part of Friday, too.

On the plus side, that means the temperature is only 73°F this morning.  (Trust me, that's cool.  Even though it's not even 8 o'clock yet.  For this area, this time of year, it's pretty cool.) 

On the negative side-- well, you know.  Everything's wet outside.  It's not easy to do much out there without getting wet (not that I was likely to spend more than ten or fifteen minutes out there, had it been sunny and hot, but I guess there are some people who would have).  The dogs don't even really want to go out long enough to do their business (as people say).  And so on.

...Confession:  I actually don't mind a certain amount of this kind of weather.  In fact, I enjoy it.  I'm sure that I, too, have my breaking point when it comes to constant drizzly rain, but it seems to be set at a level higher than that of most of my acquaintance.  It's one of those things you feel a little guilty for enjoying-- as though your enjoyment is somehow making the rain hang around longer, thus sapping the joy from the lives of your friends and family.  (g)  It's also one of the reasons I think I would probably like living in the Pacific Northwest, if only I could magically transplant loved ones to the area (and change the political culture-- apologies to natives).  (On the other hand, I've never been there, so if I ever visit, I may discover that it's nothing like what I envision.)

...Drizzle drizzle drizzle...
Oh yeah.  One more downside of this weather...
It makes people more prone to sleepiness at all hours of the day...