Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tale of a Dewy September Morning

We had a bit of excitement here this morning.  On her morning walk (which, fortunately, usually comes before Molly's*), Trixie found Something in the yard.

I was watching from the door, because generally she only takes a minute or two and then is ready to come back inside.  This time, however, she seemed more than normally interested in one spot a couple yards from the bay window.  I couldn't see exactly what she was looking at, but she was clearly a little on edge-- stretching out her whole body toward something rather than just taking a step or two and sniffing at leisure.

Concerned that she may have found a snake, I tapped on the door and called her-- just as she gingerly nipped into the Something and pulled.  Greyish-brown fur, about the size of a wild rabbit.

Good Trixie came in when called, leaving her new-found prize behind.  (And for her efforts, she was promptly put back into the crate, poor girl, because ew, dead rabbit germs!)

We went out-- found a headless rabbit (as in, everything was there, perfect, except the head... which was gone without a trace)-- and disposed of it.  Donald found a couple of downy feathers near the crime scene, so we assume some type of bird did it.  I'm surprised that it ate only the head and left the rest behind, but maybe that's common behavior.

Anyway, gross.  Now I need to decontaminate Trixie...

*I say "fortunately" because I doubt Molly would've obeyed as easily under these circumstances.