Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reason #45 Why I Am an Awful Person

Not really, of course.  I mean, I know there's plenty of room for improvement, but somehow I manage to look myself in the mirror (on occasion).

No, this is just one of those things that some people might think you shouldn't think... or admit to thinking... or... waste time writing about...  

- - - - -

The other day, we got something in the mail-- something from a charity.  (Even though it claimed in the accompanying letter not to be a charity, that is still how I think of it.  Sorry.)  The envelope bore no mark identifying it as being from that charity.  Instead, they decorated it with a goofy-looking illustration of a frog and a couple of "enticing" remarks:  "Greeting Card Collection Enclosed" and "You'll love these cheery cards!"

Open it up and there are five small, simple cards (for a variety of occasions), complete with envelopes and return address stickers.  (Never mind that the address stickers were printed so poorly-- with the type off the edge-- as to be unreadable and therefore useless.  Even though I take the time to mention it, that's not the point.) 

Also in the envelope is information from the organization explaining what they do and asking for a donation.  Though the author of the letter insists that the cards are merely "a reminder of the wonderful changes that are being made" by the organization, it's impossible not to feel that you're being guilted into making a donation.

I don't appreciate being guilted into anything-- even donating to what is probably a worthy cause.

Maybe there aren't many better ways to seek donations, but you have to wonder how much money is wasted on this type of solicitation. 

...The total lack of the charity's logo on the outer envelope (even though it appears repeatedly throughout the enclosures) just adds to the feeling of ambush.  No question why they decided to leave it off.  Just ask the person who tried to call us over the weekend.  When the caller I.D. displays "Jehovah's Witness", we just let it ring... (Hey, I'm saving them time.  There's no way I'm interested in that.)

P.S.  Oh, and while I'm at it (grumping, I mean), it's really irritating that practically every time I go to the only real grocery store in the nearest town there's a kid (teenager) bagging groceries, with a tip jar.  If it were only once every now and then, it wouldn't be so bad, but it really does seem like there's always someone (various sports/extra-curricular teams from the local high school, mainly) there, expecting a donation. 

...Ok, I think I'm done now.  I'll try not to be grumpy, next time.  (Try, I said.)