Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tiny Text & BINGO! Fun for the Whole Family!

(Ok.  I know I said that my next post wouldn't be grumping.  Well... Technically this isn't grumping...)

A link this morning sent me to an article on a website I rarely visit.  The story quickly lost my interest.  Their logo, however, did catch my eye:

Just look at that subtitle.  It's tiny.  You almost need a magnifying glass to read it.  It's not "elder-friendly".  Putting a subtitle in such minuscule type suggest that, A) you're ashamed of the subtitle*, or B) the subtitle is not necessary (and should probably be done away with altogether).

Anyway, it just struck me as odd...

*After all, someone I know (who shall remain nameless) commented that the subtitle is an oxymoron.

P.S.  Some of you might be interested in this:  It's an Obama Speech Bingo card.  Might be the only way to get many people to watch/listen...  I know I tend to avoid the TV when I hear a presidential speech is scheduled.  (For medical reasons only, of course.  They're not good for my blood pressure. ;o))