Monday, November 29, 2010

Seeking a Position as Graphic Designer... ;o)

Sometimes I take the lazy way out when it comes to cooking.   ("Who, you? There must be some sort of a mistake," you all say.  In unison.  In complete and utter disbelief.)   For instance, I'll use a can of pre-made chili together with another can (or two) of beans, add a few spices (according to personal taste), serve it (heated, no less!) with rice, and call it a meal.  I could make it from scratch, of course, but sometimes a shortcut is preferable.

So (now that I've explained what I'm doing with canned chili in the first place), I noticed something a little odd about one of these cans, the other night.  It was decorated with two little figures.  "Chili Masters", I believe they are meant to be.  They're holding bowls of chili with blue ribbons attached, so you know they can cook.  However, I'm not sure I'd dare to sample their stew.  There's something a little... off about them...

Here we have the creepy Chili Dude:

And then there's the even more sinister (if that's possible) Chili Dudette (or at least I assume it's a dudette, because that is clearly a lacy/frilly, scalloped neckline...):

Ok, where do you go to get hired to make the art for labels for canned chili?