Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dollar Tree Laser

Donald and I were playing around with the dogs' toy laser-pointer again, last night.

This is how that typically starts:
Trixie has learned that the button that turns the laser on makes a slight clicking sound.  Now she never fails to respond to any similar clicking noise. (This is enough to convince me that she'd probably be a great candidate for clicker training-- or would have, if we'd started her young.)

Someone makes a clicking noise (as with one fingernail against another)-- or alternately, someone makes a gasping "oh my gosh, I just saw a red dot on the wall" sort of sound (another cue that the game is beginning).  Trixie is instantly on the alert, jumping up, ears perked, darting looks around the room.  (It's pretty hilarious.)

Meanwhile, as soon as Molly gets wind of the laser game-- even before it's actually come out, sometimes-- she breaks out of the kitchen and comes running, because she's as crazy about it as Trixie is (if not usually as vocal).

...Then the laser-pointer comes out, and there's plenty of running to and fro (chasing the elusive red dot), barking, pouncing, whining, spinning in circles, and general craziness.  Oh, and laughter, too.

Anyway, last night, after sending the dogs into their usual frenzy, we were about to draw the festivities to a close ;o) when Donald wondered how far the laser would reach outside, in the dark.  It happening to be dark at the time (a common occurrence around here during the night), we didn't have to wait long to find out.

And the answer?   

First, I was surprised to find that it could travel up the pine trees nearest our yard.  ("Wow.")

Next, I was stunned that we could see it on the lone dead pine out in the area between our house and the pond.  ("Weird!")

Then Donald wondered if we'd see it on the pines all the way across that field, on the other side of the wide path to the pond.  ("Ha!  I doubt it... *gasp*  ...This is scary.")

"No wonder they tell you not to point it into someone's eyes," Donald commented.

I'm amazed at how far that tiny little dog-bone-shaped Dollar Tree laser pointer can reach.  We saw it on the roof of my parents' house, easily!  We saw it on my grandparents' house, even further away!  I'm going to give it a try again some other night, so if you see a red dot moving around outside your window, don't panic.  ;o) 

There's something amazing about sending a light that far.  (Especially if you're easily amazed.)