Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Random Thoughts

Aren't you lucky?!  ;o)

•  I kept seeing references to something called the "Angry Birds".  I was sure it must be a band, but when I finally remembered to look it up, I discovered it was only some type of little computer game.  The strange thing is that it's been around for a pretty long time (as these things go).  So why is everyone talking about it now?  I have to admit, I'm kind of disappointed.  A band would've been more interesting.

•  We now know that our fence is not Chihuahua-proof.  One wandered into our yard a couple nights ago.  Fortunately, our dogs either didn't see him or chose to ignore him. (Also fortunate:  Bands of ravenous Chihuahuas don't roam the Alabamian countryside with the frequency you might expect.  We'll probably be alright, even with our non-Chihuahua-proof fence.)

•  On a related note, we have also confirmed that Trixie is a coward.  When she saw the Chihuahua through a window (the next day), she acted a little frightened and didn't want to get too close.  (She seems to be scared of most "stranger dogs".)

•  Our dogs are both obsessed with the laser pointer toy they got for Christmas.  We've taken some video of them acting all crazy about it, and one of these days I may possibly manage to edit and upload it.  (I know, you can't wait.)

•  I moved our most-frequently used board and card games into two of the cabinets (with doors) in the bookcases in the main room of our house.  Before, they were all stacked in a closet-- kind of messy to get to-- hard to reach-- difficult to get to the one we wanted without moving some of the others, blah blah blah.  This new arrangement makes much more sense to me.  Now, why did I wait so long to think about this and move everything around?  (Some of us get so used to things being a certain way that we never consider whether there might be a better way.)

•  After seeing myself in some photos, I was reminded that I ought to start exercising and watching what I eat, again.  In other words, I need to shift out of holiday mode.  The thing is, I never did make that batch of sugar cookies I promised myself over the holidays...  I am going to make sugar cookies.  One of these days.  Maybe over the weekend...

•   During recent evenings, I've been weaving in the ends of the hexagon afghan I crocheted a while ago.  There are a lot of them.  (/understatement)  You can find more about this fascinating subject on my sewing/crochet blog-- excellent reading for those times you're plagued with insomnia.

•  I'm glad to see the return of new episodes of some of  the TV programs we watch.  Also, the talk radio hosts are trickling back in, now that the holidays are over.  The fill-in hosts are rarely as interesting as the usual ones.

•  We bought ourselves a space heater a few weeks ago.  It's been a long time since we had one.  When we lived in the trailer, we'd borrowed a pretty old one from my maternal grandparents.  It was the type that had wires that glowed orange (behind a grill) when it was running-- kind of scary-looking.  This new one is a tower-shaped unit that can be set to oscillate-- and there are no (visible) glowing wires.  It is so nice-- perfect for getting toasty-warm.  Why did we wait so long to get one of these?!

•  Those are all the random thoughts swimming around in my head first thing in the morning. 

•  Ah, I remembered something else!  Last week, I don't remember how, but I found myself looking at a list of the 100 most beautiful English words, according to Robert Beard, "a long-time poet and word aficionado".  Some of them I can agree are beautiful... but then we find words like "ailurophile".  Really?  Well, if you say so.  And "bucolic".  (Ok, now I know you're pulling my leg.  "Bucolic" is one of those words only a mother could love.  It has the sound "ick" in it, for goodness' sake!  And "colic"-- not a beautiful thing, at all. )  "Conflate"?  "Fugacious"?  (Gag.) "Onomatopoeia".  (Meh. It's probably just me, but I've always felt that teachers make too much of a fuss over that word.)  "Palimpsest"?  "Petrichor"?  "Ratatouille"??  (C'mon, that hardly even counts as an English word.  It seems like this Beard fellow is extremely fond of words of French origin in general, though.)  "Riparian" makes me laugh, because the only place I recall ever hearing that one is in an episode of "Keeping Up Appearances"-- "waterside supper with riparian entertainments" and not by any means a "riverside picnic", mind you! To each his own favorite words, of course.  Far be it from me to tell you that your beautiful words are ugly...

•  Ok, I think that's really all, this time.