Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome, 2011!

Are you getting the new year off to a good start?

We rang in 2011 at my parents' house with pizza, a couple of games (What's Yours Like? and Forbidden Island, both of which sound far more suggestive than they actually are, I assure you (g)), and a scary movie (30 Days of Night) with snacks.  Then we watched a little of such "countdown" shows as we could find, (sort of) saw the pelican drop (something they do in Pensacola and which was kinda-sorta televised locally), wished each other a Happy New Year, and went out on the porch to catch a few glimpses of neighbors' fireworks (and listen to the wind rushing in the the trees and some distant cannon-like booms).  It was a good end to the old year!

Then we said goodnight and had the long drive home.  Ok, not really.  It probably took less than five minutes to get from their door to ours.  Trixie thought it was great that the people were up at 1 a.m. and didn't really want to go back to her crate for the night.  ("Seriously?  You do realize I was in that thing from 6 p.m. until after midnight, right?")

2011 has been rainy and dreary, so far, but that's ok.  It's Saturday morning, we're safe and cozy at home, and there's nowhere we have to be-- nothing we have to do.  (Except maybe take a nap to catch up on missed sleep.)

I hope the coming year treats you well!
Don't forget to eat some black-eyed peas today (for prosperity)! ;o)