Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No Snow for YOU!

(And for the "Everyone Likely to Care About It Already Knows" category...) The Southeastern U.S. saw a little snow in the past few days.  Unfortunately, because the region so rarely does see snow, it only takes a little to make a huge mess on the roads and shut down airports.  On the other hand-- snow!

If you grew up in a place that sees snow frequently-- or at least not infrequently-- you probably can't appreciate how absolutely bonkers a born and bred Southerner can go over a few snowflakes.  It feels magical-- has the ability to turn most adults back into a child for an hour or two.  Visions of snowball fights and (very small) snowmen dance through our heads.

Of course, since we live so very far south, it feels like we never see snow.  And we didn't this time, either.

I wasn't disappointed this time, at least, because I'd  never had hope that we would-- unlike last time, when it felt like all the weathermen and -women were fairly promising snow... and then it just DISAPPEARED OFF THE RADAR, right before it got down to us.  (No, I'm serious.  Some of us were furious and/or heartbroken.  They had snow in our county, even.  Why couldn't it have managed to snow a little on us, too? *teardrop*) 

Well, anyway... After the emotional scarring of that incident-- returning again and again to gaze out the window, hoping, hoping, thinking for one startled second "was that a flake?!" and then realizing that no, no it wasn't-- I determined to never believe the weather forecast as regards snow.  For whatever reason, we hardly ever get precipitation when the temperature is below freezing, down here.  So no snow for us! 

(Now I sit and imagine all the people who have months of heavy snow-shoveling and miserable slogging through cold, slushy snow still ahead of them before they see spring... reading this... and trying to curb the impulse to whip out some bitter remark for the comments section...)