Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Thought

Diaries, journals, and blogs (or my blog, at least) can tend to become a little too grumpy or gloomy, sometimes.  It's too easy to write only when something's gone wrong or you're not feeling your best-- because when you are happy, you're likely off doing something else.

To counter-act that, a few Happy Thoughts:

♥  The laundry's happily chug-chugging along.  I like laundry on a dreary day.  It adds to the atmosphere of cozy indoors.  Plus-- every load laundered and folded is its own little accomplishment.

♥  There are two snoozy puddle-bugs in the house.  Molly's in her dog bed in the kitchen.  Trixie just lies down anywhere-- right now, she's on the carpet beside her crate. 

♥  That reminds, me-- a couple weeks (or so) ago, we made a doggy bed/pillow for Trixie.  She doesn't use it very often, but every now and then she'll go lie on it for a minute or two.  Which is pretty adorable-looking, I think. 

♥  The crown molding in our kitchen/breakfast room is up and pretty much done!  This goes nicely with our beadboard/chair rail and fresh paint in those rooms, and we are happy with the results.  (Now I need to paint the cabinetry and put things back on the walls...)

♥  Once I finish putting that afghan together (which would go faster if I actually worked on it instead of putting it off every evening), I'm going to choose a pretty doily to make.  I like making doilies, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  ;o)

♥  I've taken at least one photo a day every day this year, so far.  It's not an important thing to do, of course, but it really only takes a minute or two each day, and I enjoy it-- and being able to say that I've done it. 

♥  I like putting things into order, and boy-howdy do I ever have stuff to put in order... (g)  (This is what they call looking for the silver lining, I believe.)

♥  I have a practical sewing project (more Swiffer pads), which is actually my favorite type of sewing.  I like making things that don't have to be perfect or even pretty.  (This is mostly because I'm not a very good seamstress, but that's ok.  No-one really cares how a practical project like a Swiffer pad looks.)

♥  We haven't had to use our heater (or A/C, for that matter) much over the past however-many weeks, which is nice.  We were even able to have the windows open for a while and air out the house a bit.  I love having the windows open. 

♥  There are flowers in our yard.  Some of them are weeds (wild violets, henbit, widow's tears, some unknown teensy blue flowers in the grass), but hey, they're still nice to look at, for the time being.

Here's hoping you're enjoying some happy thoughts of your own!