Friday, March 25, 2011

Humble: It's a Funny-Sounding Word

Humbling Things, Should I Begin to Think Too Highly of Myself :

  • Trying to brush Trixie's teeth when she doesn't want them to be brushed.  (I was trying because I'd noticed that some of them are looking a little dirty around the gum line).  She can make her mouth tiny, and I never dreamed she had such muscular lips.  

  • Working hard at cleaning the floor, only to find that it's already getting dirty again by the end of the day.  Or (in some cases) by the end of the hour. 

  • Stepping into the front yard and finding 2- or 3-foot high weeds in the foundation plating, where I could swear there were no weeds a day or two ago.  

  • The seemingly self-propagating piles of papers and stuff I need to go through, sort, and Do Something With.  (Where do they come from?!)

  • Good intentions.  Lack of follow-through.  (That says it all, really.)

Oh well.  That's just life, I guess.