Thursday, March 10, 2011

Told Ya So. ;o)

Well, ok, not really, but some of yesterday's storms were nasty-- worse than your average run-of-the-mill thunderstorms.  There was a tornado (EF2) in Mobile (well, Theodore-- close enough) and (the last I heard) what was likely another EF2 tornado in Silverhill.

Weather being what it is, we had hardly any wind at all at our house (thank goodness).  It was much windier a few hours before the storms came through than during them, I think.  It did pour buckets of rain, but that's nothing out of the ordinary.  The local TV news people (meteorologists in particular) were very excited, though, and spent probably the whole first half of the day on the air.

On the way to grocery shopping, I drove through Silverhill this morning and saw some damage to property on the main road (104)-- trees ruined on either side of it, roofs with shingles ripped off, smaller tree limbs piled on the edge of the road for pick-up.  (This was on the eastern edge of the town, by the way.)

Anyway, it's all over now.  The sky is bright, north-windy blue and we're back to highs in the 60s (for a day or two, until they creep back up into the 70s again).

ETA:  Maybe I should've mentioned before that as far as I've heard, there were no serious injuries from yesterday's storms.  (Journalism students everywhere shuddered when I left it out that first time.  They never saw this blog, but somehow they just felt that something in in the universe was Wrong.)

ETA again:  Ach!  Um, that should've been "EF2"-- not "E2"...  So I've gone back and fixed it.  Because this is the type of thing that gives me no peace until it's rectified.  Because it's obviously so important.