Thursday, April 7, 2011

Days of the Week So Far

(By defining characteristics only.)

Baby Shower Day.
We had an immediate-family get-together to shower the expectant couple (C. and V.) with baby-related gifts.  They were almost able to squeeze it all into their vehicle, but not quite.  Now we're waiting to see if the new addition to the family will be a boy or a girl.  The due date is in early May, so we don't have too long to wait.

Also, Patio-Wall Day.
Donald managed to put up the lattice "wall" on the east- (and easement-) facing side of the patio.  We were putting in the final screws just as it was getting too dark to work.  I think it looks nice, but I need to touch up the paint here and there.  We have just one section of railing to put on the patio-- and then I guess we'll be done.  There are plenty of other projects we want to work on, though.  It's never-ending, I guess...

Nothing New Day.
(Can't recall anything of real interest from Monday.  I'll try to do better next time.)

"Two Snakes in One Day" Day.
I saw the first snake in the morning, on our porch-- probably the same one I saw before-- sticking its head out cautiously from the ceiling.

Little Snake

Then in the afternoon, I was clearing things from the glider on the patio.  I lifted a large plastic bowl (formerly one of the dogs' water bowls) from the top of an empty plastic pot (the kind plants come in from the nursery), and-- ta dah!-- there was Snake #2. It was only another small rat snake, but I hadn't been expecting to make the acquaintance of a snake of any description at that particular moment.  It didn't seem to be in a social mood, either, and immediately sought escape through one of the pot's drainage holes.  I couldn't have that, because the dogs were both right there.  To avoid a nasty scene, I carried the pot (with half the snake in and half the snake out) to the "outside the fence" side-yard and let the snake go.  I'd rather have it than something worse, so take care of yourself, little rat snake.  Eat up all the food in this area so the moccasins and rattlesnakes will be unimpressed and move on to better hunting grounds!

Roundup Day.
I sprayed Roundup in the morning.  I'm hopeful that I didn't get too much of it on anything I didn't want to kill.  So far, nothing's showing signs of sickliness (including weeds), but I guess it takes a couple of days before you start seeing results.  The results I have already seen are soreness from lugging around a 2-gallon garden sprayer (which according to the all-knowing Internet would weigh approximately 16.68 pounds).  What?  You aren't impressed?  Hmph.

So far, Thursday is working out to be Catch-Up-on-Everything-Else Day.  ;o)