Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Snake of the Season

The chatter about the escaped cobra in NYC reminds me that we saw our first snake of the season a couple of days ago.  It was pencil-thin, poking its head out of a corner of the siding on our porch.  Probably another rat snake.  We seem to have a lot of those around here.  (Four or five have gotten stuck in the weird, clear caulk around the outside edges of our windows-- mostly the bay window and small kitchen sink window.)

Actually, I just remembered that this wasn't the first snake of the season, because Donald found another small rat or corn snake when he was moving things out of the shed a couple of weeks ago!  So this makes number two.  Still, I'd much rather have multiple rat snakes wandering around the yard than a single moccasin.  (Grandpa has already seen the first one of those for the year, too, down at the pond.)

...This has been the Snakes-to-Date report for March 2011.  ;o)