Thursday, March 31, 2011


(That's why I'm writing about it.)

So, the guy (David Ferrer, whose name was new to me today-- because that's how much I care about tennis) who "lobbed" the tennis ball into the stands in the general direction of a baby who'd been crying and (I guess) disturbing his concentration...

Point 1: 
Who brings a baby to a big sporting event?  (Honestly, though, who brings a baby to even a high school sporting event, if they can possibly avoid it?)  Maybe I'm stupid and everyone does that all the time... but it does seem a little rude.  If I pay good money for a seat and someone's baby is crying right next to me, I have to admit that it gets on my nerves.  (It also annoys me when the woman behind me on an airplane coughs onto the back of my head.  So don't do that anymore, lady.  Seriously.  Just put your hand over your mouth, next time.  It's not that hard.) 

Point 2:
Yeah, the player shouldn't have done that.  I wonder if he was penalized in any way.  (You'd think that would be against the rules...) 

Point 3: 
Oh, please.  Are you telling me that you require absolute silence to play your silly little game?  Why are tennis and golf players so precious, yet in football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and so many other sports, the players somehow manage to function amid thunderous cheering, boos, and general noise?  It took those nightmarish vuvuzela things to faze soccer players, for instance.  But apparently tennis is a matter of life or death.  "Ladies and gentlemen, the tennis player will now attempt to hit the ball with the racket.  This is very dangerous and requires intense concentration. We ask that you remain silent..."  

...And then when most of them hit the ball they shriek, groan, and grunt in ways that must be calculated to distract the opponent (not to mention embarrass the more prudish members of the audience).

...For someone who never watches tennis, I still managed to work up a nice rant.  It's one of my special gifts.  ;o)  Anyone wanna trade?