Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Delivery #1:  Pending. 
It was beginning to look like Carrie and Victor's baby would come on his/her due date, but now we're not so sure.  The last I heard, things were slowing down, and the hospital was probably going to send them home for the time being-- but I guess things could start again at any time.  (This must happen a lot. It seems like you rarely hear about a pregnancy that doesn't have at least one false start.  Failing that, the baby comes all at once, without much warning at all, and a non-medical-professional has to step in and be the hero/heroine.  [Obviously, my knowledge of this subject comes primarily from TV shows.])

Delivery #2:  Arrived.
Some much-needed rain can through, and it brought with it an incredibly refreshing cool breeze.  How I've missed you, fresh air!  This type of weather at this time of year is bittersweet, because I know we won't get much more of it before the long, hot summer sets in (and refuses to budge until October).  I am already jealous of the relatively cool summer Sweden will probably enjoy.  Meanwhile, the Swedish papers will report how disappointed people are by the lack of sun and warmth.  Oh well.  None of us are allowed to be too happy.  ;o)  At least we have our windows open this afternoon.  (Bliss!)

Delivery #3: Just waiting for the USPS...
I'm expecting something in the mail, now that Amazon has finally seen fit to ship it.  (Yay, Amazon!  I take back those mean things I was thinking about you earlier today. (g))  It's fun to have something to look forward to in the mail, but it's hard to be patient...