Thursday, June 2, 2011

Real Mature

"Yearbook causes controversy after it names George W. Bush in a list of 'worst people' of all time".

RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. - A middle school yearbook in Arkansas has created controversy around the country after it named Former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney in a list of the "worst" people of all time.

The yearbook included a list titled the "Top 5 worst people of all time."  The list begins with Adolph Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Charles Manson, but then lists Bush and Cheney.
Students didn't vote on the list, and it was taken from an opinion website.  Parents in the community are outraged.
"I'm furious as a parent and as a board member and as a tax payer and as a resident of Russellville," resident Chris Cloud said. "It's wrong."
Parents spotted the list after the yearbooks were printed. The school's solution was to cover the list with tape.

The superintendent said the yearbook's editing process is under review.
I saw "Arkansas" and was surprised (despite it being the origin of Clinton).  Then I read that the list wasn't even the result of a student poll.  Aha.  Well, that would explain that...

What was the teacher in charge of the yearbook staff thinking, putting some random (not to mention ridiculous and pointless) list off a website in the school yearbook?  Maybe, "I need an excuse to leave this job, but my wife-husband-whoever would never forgive me if I out-and-out quit"?  Actually, it's possible s/he never even saw it, but that's not much of an excuse. There's a reason the student yearbook staff needs a teacher to guide them and approve what goes in and what doesn't.