Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just to Say...

This is just to say that I am (nobly ;o)) fighting the urge to copy, paste, and reply to some of the nonsense I've read on Twitter this morning regarding Obama's speech last night and the general debt limit increase... and taxes... and how you are evil and selfish and Just Plain Bad if you don't want to pay more taxes... and how apparently the rich aren't paying their "fair share" (which is probably impossible for them ever to do to the satisfaction of everyone else).  According to some, if you are rich, you should be paying more taxes than poor people.  (What a novel idea.)  Thing is, I thought the rich already were (and are) paying more in taxes than the poor... This is puzzling, because I keep hearing something about how the top 1% of taxpayers earn 20% of all income, yet pay nearly 40% of all taxes.  And then you have 51% of wage earners who pay no federal income taxes at all!  It certainly seems like the rich would already be paying (much) more than the poor...  I must just not be smart enuff to figger out how all them newfangled math'matics and percentigers work.  Or sumthin'.

Replying to such nonsense here wouldn't do any real good, of course, because the people who wrote those things won't ever see this, and even if they did, I seriously doubt I could ever get through to them.  Yet I'm too non-confrontational (and cognizant of the fact that it wouldn't do a thing except maybe make me angry and sick and jittery) to reply directly to them.  Oh well.  Such is life.  Class warfare is easy.  Rich people are BAD people (so why does everyone want more moolah?)! Why trouble our pretty little heads about anything of more substance?