Friday, July 29, 2011

Random Stuff

And I mean random.

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Via Twitter--

Oh, no!
*wipes away a tear*
This whole situation is infuriating.
...I'll leave it at that.

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Donald dislikes "Primetime: What Would You Do?"

Haven't seen it?  Here's the description for tonight's episode:
Scenarios (suggested by viewers) include a little person being mocked for his size; a teenager telling her boyfriend that she's pregnant and wants the baby--to his loudly expressed disapproval; a child disapproving loudly upon hearing his dad is gay; a young woman in a wheelchair being offered help in public when she doesn't need it; and a boy being harassed by others boys because he has red hair.

Ick.  This show gives me the shudders.  Why didn't they bring back Candid Camera, instead?

Programs on Michael's "Change the Channel QUICK" List:
  • "Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition"  
    • It was ok in the earliest episodes, but then it degenerated into every single week being about people with the most depressing stories they can find, tears being a must, and the designers going crazy and doing weird, over-the-top things every episode.  I'm glad if people in bad (beyond their control) situations basically win the lottery and get a free home makeover, but... I don't want to watch it happen over an emotional hour of TV.  I just don't like it.
  • "The Doctors" and "Dr. Oz"
    • Medical stuff?  And in a "talk show" format?  No, thank you. Not now, not ever.  This is pretty much how I feel about most "talk shows", but the medical aspect makes me hit the "next channel" button with record-breaking speed.  (I may have mentioned before-- in passing-- that I run screaming from serious medical/health-related stuff?  I was telling the truth. Fiction, non-fiction, fan fiction-- doesn't matter.  I don't like it.  I can barely fathom that there are enough people out there who do like it that programs like these stay on the air...)
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When I pulled aside the curtain on our kitchen door this morning (preparing to open it to let Trixie out for her morning stroll), there were two deer standing right outside our gate!  That's probably the closest I've ever been to a wild deer.  I was so surprised I didn't notice if they were does, bucks, whatever.  (I tend to think neither of them had antlers, though.)
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Sometime in the past month or two, Donald spotted a young armadillo rooting around in our side yard (outside the fence).  We got some photos and videos of it.  Maybe I'll get around to editing and uploading some of the video soon...  (What a treat for you all! ;o))

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Someone ought to make a satire of The Rainbow Fish in which the rainbow-scaled fish is replaced by a fluffy-haired dog.  The other (short-haired) neighborhood dogs are jealous of Fluffy Dog's luxuriously long, silky fur and begin demanding that she share patches of it.  Fluffy Dog is guilted into giving away all her fur (after some exceptionally bad advice from a mysterious alley cat), and in the end, every dog in the 'hood has a patch of her fluffy fur.  Fluffy Dog herself now looks something like this:

...Only uglier.

The story continues for a page or two more to say that since the other dogs only liked (Formerly-)Fluffy Dog when and because she gave them her beautiful fur, their friendship is shallow and short-lived.  Soon, they're off pestering the new pup on the block (a poofy poodle) for a lock of his curly hair.  Fluffy Dog, realizing that she has given away her natural-born gifts for nothing-- to a group who don't even truly value them-- is left sad and alone.  Until her fur grows back in, that is.  Then the others will be back for more, because it isn't right that she should have something they don't have.

The End.  ;o)
(Maybe it's already been done?)

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There are people actually looking forward to this new movie about golf.
I am baffled.

Of course, I am also fully aware of the fact that there are plenty of people who'd be baffled by the things I look forward to, so...

(That Cowboys & Aliens thing looks interesting, for example.)

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Musical obsession of the moment-- Patrick O'Hearn's "Beyond This Moment":