Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On a Darker Note...

This infuriates me, every time I think about it.

I don't understand how the concept of dogs being "unclean" animals ever came to be.  It's just... unfathomable to me.  How can anyone believe that an animal-- a whole species-- is not only categorically "unclean", but even deserves to be tortured?  They believe that dogs were created by their religion's god, correct?  (I assume.  I know little about their religious beliefs.)  Why do at least some of them believe their god would make something so entirely despicable as to deserve such treatment?   It's barbaric-- it's inhuman and inhumane-- it's just downright stupid-- and it fills me with white-hot rage and hatred (sorry, I'm not perfect) for anyone capable of such cruelty.  

Again, I don't know about that religion, but as a Christian, I can't believe that God would smile upon the torture of any animal.  (And there's a big difference between killing and torturing, to explain why I eat meat, use leather, etc.)

That story... It's enough to turn your stomach.