Wednesday, November 7, 2012

*Sigh of Infinite Weariness*

Well, thanks a lot, slim majority of my fellow Americans who checked the box for "More of the Same Old Crap"!  Thank you, brainwashed masses!  Thank you so much, unions!  Thank you from the bottom of my little ole heart, those of you who voted for the guys who would make sure you continue to get handouts you don't really need.  Thank you, voters for whom a candidate's complexion is paramount!  (Did I forget anyone...?)

I'm so tired, and I didn't even stay up that late last night.  This is soul-level weariness, right here.  This is why I don't understand people (well, at least slightly more than half the people in this country).  This is why my faith in humanity (its intelligence, its honesty, its morality) is severely shaken.  This is why I sometimes want to become a hermit living in the middle of the wilderness.  (Well, sometimes.  Fortunately, the impulse passes.)

The economy and employment numbers will likely continue to improve-- albeit with molasses-like slowness-- because that's what the economy does... and now Obama will take credit for it, and we'll be expected to bow down to his greatness.  ("See?  All he needed was more time!") But we'll never know what might have been-- how much better it might have been.  (Sour grapes?  Whatever; I'm not going to start caring now what other people think about my grumpiness.)

Obama's victory speech promised that "the best is yet to come".  I'm highly skeptical, given the direction in which he's been leading.  The best of what we've experienced since he's been president?  Oh, that's not so difficult to achieve.  The best of what this nation in its entire history has experienced?  ...I don't see it happening during the next four years, based on his performance to date. 

Obama also said something (typically platitudinous) about how this election proved that we're not so sharply divided as some have tried to say-- that this election proves that we are the United States.  (*pause for mindless cheering*)  Um, have you seen the numbers?  You might have won, but vote against vote, it was a narrow victory.  Nearly half the country wanted you out of the office, sir.  I think you need to recognize that fact... and possibly consider what it means.  Half of this country doesn't like the job you've done or the way you've done it-- but I know it's too much to ask for you to contemplate altering course.  Let me guess: This was a mandate?  *shrug*

Well, better buckle in tight for another four years.