Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Voted!

We voted this morning.  It was Donald's first time voting in an American election. 

(He was surprised by the lack of "voting booths".  Yes, that is kind of weird, I guess.  On TV, at least, there are always curtained booths protecting the sacred voting machines from prying eyes.  Our local polling place just provides circular tables that seat four each; there are no partitions at all. And instead of pushing a button or pulling a lever, you fill in arrows and feed the page through a machine.  ...Then the machine beeps at you and you're done. (g))

...Now it's just a matter of waiting, hoping, praying.

Don't forget to vote-- but only if you're voting Republican.  ;o)
(Hey, someone has to balance out those bloggers begging their readers to vote for Obama.)