Monday, April 21, 2014

Garage Update

Over the weekend, we "TSP"ed and started priming the (second-hand) cabinets for the garage storage/workbench area.  Here's a photo Donald took, along with his plan for how they'll be arranged:

We'd been putting off buying cabinets because we were thinking of first putting some sort of epoxy sealant on the floor.  We talked about it a lot-- Donald researched it-- and we basically went back and forth over the issue for a while.  I guess we've finally decided to just not bother with it, for the time being.  It's something we can do later, if we change our minds.  If you use the "good stuff", it's not a cheap project-- especially when we have so many other things we want to do around the house and yard.  (For me, it was definitely a lower priority than many of those other projects!) Then there was the difficulty of knowing which product to use, with all the conflicting reviews out there...  Anyway, I think we can live with an unsealed garage floor.  ;o)  (I don't think anyone we know has an epoxied garage floor.)

Now that the decision's made, there's nothing holding us back.  We put together a couple of free-standing shelves we bought back around Black Friday.  Now we're working on refinishing the cabinets.  (They'll feel like ours when they've had a coat or two of nice, clean paint.  Nothing like paint to freshen things up!)

Priming Garage Cabinets

- - - - - - -

Other Things:

-- I finally planted a six-pack of annual vincas.  Still need to plant a couple more vincas and a variegated periwinkle (also, confusingly, known as vinca major)...

-- I transplanted some butterfly ginger from the "bottom" of the yard (along the west fence) closer to the house.  They've spread quite a bit, down there.  They're not making large clumps, but they're traveling surprising distances-- one here, one there-- in places that I'm pretty sure I didn't originally plant them.  Maybe I'm making a mistake planting it in/near flower beds closer to the house, given its wanderlust.  But it's possible to dig it out again (I hope) if it misbehaves too badly.  I wanted some where we'd be able to smell that wonderful perfume more easily.

-- This year, some of the clumps of (what I call) wild iris (a.k.a. yellow flag or yellow iris) have been blooming.  I think this is the first year I've seen them bloom, here, though the foliage has done well for a while.  I wonder if it's a fluke brought on by perfect weather (for this plant, I mean), or if they just needed to settle in...

Yellow Flag

-- The white double clematis is still going strong.  These blooms last a long time, and they're more resilient than their delicate appearance led me to expect. 


-- We have our first bloom on the passionflower vine since we put it on the trellis! 

First Flower on the Trellis!

--  The rambling, old-fashioned (?) pink rose by our bedroom windows is about to burst into bloom.  It is absolutely covered in buds, right now.  I was afraid the latest cold spell might ruin them, but they look fine.  Can't wait for the show to start.  ;o) 

Ready to Burst into Bloom

(One or two buds got antsy and opened earlier than the rest.)

Early Bloomer-- Literally

--  This is one of a few self-sown cleome that have come up.  I'd hoped more would make an appearance, so I may try to sow a few more seeds by hand. 


-- We have tomatoes on the vine!


- - - - - - -

Updated photos of the raised vegetable beds, next time.