Friday, April 18, 2014

Luna Pix

Here are the latest photos of Luna.  She'll be four months old tomorrow.  :o)

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She's a sweetie-- sometimes.  ;o)  Other times, she still thinks biting is a fun game.  She loves chasing (and growling at) frisbees, has the word "treat" memorized perfectly, and is pretty good at the three commands we've taught her so far.  Those would be "sit", "down" (as in "lie down"), and "wait" (which means don't take the treat yet). We've also taught her "no", and sometimes she obeys that one, too.  (g)  She loves to give ear-kisses-- and nose/mouth kisses, too, if you aren't careful.  She's still not house-trained, but that's really more our fault than hers, I'm sure.  (She'll learn, eventually.)  She sometimes whines and howls when she's very sad (such as when everyone else goes outside and she's left behind), but she's usually very good at keeping herself occupied with her toys.  She runs and throws herself against the cardboard "fences" that keep her in her room, when she really, really wants out or sees you coming.  She stands on her hind feet and sticks her head and front paws over the cardboard to watch you when you're working in the kitchen.  She loves pulling her blanket out of the crate and around the room.  She has the softest fur ever.  She's an expert at "welcome home".  She's a cutie-pie-- but I may be biased.  :o)