Monday, December 10, 2007

Meme-ish game

There's a meme-ish game I've seen a few places-- seems like fun and won't take long. . .

Here are the instructions:
--Go to the Wikipedia home page and click "Random Article". The result is your band's name.
--Click "Random Article" again; the result is your album name.
--Click "Random Article" 15 more times; those results are the tracks on your album.

Band Name: Anoglypta (Hey, it's actually kind of cool sounding!)
Album: Gregory Bruce Campbell (Apparently he's an electric bassist.)

Track Listing:
  1. Assembly Shell (Graphing Calculator) (a hit among the math geek crowd.)
  2. Glossary of Terms in Hinduism
  3. Factoid (hee hee!)
  4. Petko Slaveykov (19th-century Bulgarian poet & folklorist)
  5. Central Delhi (an administrative district in India)
  6. Sone Station (name of two train stations in Japan)
  7. My Ladye Nevells Booke (actually makes sense-- it's a compilation of keyboard pieces)
  8. Char Bouba War (a 30-year war of the 1600s-- somewhere in the Sahara)
  9. Carolyn H. Justice (the NC General Assembly member from the 16th district. Well, duh! ;o) Ok, not really.)
  10. Liv Kristine (a Norwegian vocalist. I guess my fellow Anoglypta members really like her work...)
  11. Hans Keller ("an Austrian-born British musician and writer who made significant contributions to musicology and music criticism, and invented the method of 'Wordless Functional Analysis' (in which a work is analysed in musical sound alone, without any words being heard or read)." Uh. . . ok.)
  12. Adrigole (a very small Irish village)
  13. Mills Blue Rhythm Band (an American big band of the 30s)
  14. Elite Residence ("a supertall skyscraper under construction in Dubai"-- will stand 1,247 feet tall, with 91 floors.)
  15. Sziklai Pair (some electronics term-- "a configuration of two bipolar transistors, similar to a Darlington pair". Oh, of course. ;o))
Strange conglomeration. Well, that's the whole point, I guess. ;o)