Monday, December 10, 2007

Weather, etc. (i.e. avoiding the mess)

Yes, I'm mostly here to put off for a few minutes the arduous tasks of cleaning the kitchen. ;o)

I just finished reading on another blog (of a lady in Oklahoma) about ice storms. Meanwhile, we're going to be in the upper 70s again today-- possibly even hitting 80! It's going to be warmer than average for most of the week. I suppose heat is better than ice, but it just doesn't feel like December. I've already been having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year, and the short-sleeve weather isn't helping. Still, it's better than an ice storm. ;o)

I went grocery shopping today because we needed milk and a few other staples. I stopped by the "local" Sam's Club, since I was in the area. I thought the guy at the door looked at me rather oddly, and I also got a weird vibe from the check-out ladies. (Yes, there were two of them, at the one line open in the whole store-- seems like it's against store policy at this particular place to open more than one line at a time, as I've seen this happen multiple times.) However, I must admit that I fairly often have the feeling that people are looking at me strangely, so I attributed it to my usual self-consciousness and went about my business.

When I went back to the doors to have my cart checked, I noticed that the exit doors were blocked (so you had to come and go through the entrance doors) and the man at the door said something (in what I felt was a needlessly offended tone) about "business only hours from 7 to 10-- businesses only".

I'd thought the business hours ended at nine. . . It dawned on me that that was probably why I got the weird looks. (Either that or it was whatever it is about me that brings them on a more regular basis. (g) What? Me, paranoid?) As I left the store, I saw two or three large signs propped up outside announcing the "golden hours"-- or whatever other silly name they have for their "businesses-only" hours. (What's the point of that, anyway? All I can think of is that it's a measure to cut down on the in-store traffic and the check-out lines for the business-owners. But if that's the case, why did they have one check-out lane open?!)

*blush* Oh well. I honestly didn't see their giant signs! I tend to ignore those things, as 99% of the time it's an ad for something that doesn't interest or concern me. Besides, I was busy thinking about what I needed to get inside. (Business owners aren't the only busy people in the world, Sam's Club.) And if Mr. Grumpikins McDoorman didn't want me coming in fifteen or twenty minutes too early, all he had to do was tell me about it when I tried to come inside. *huff!*

Anyway, that was my daily dose of embarrassment, I hope. *feels mortified all over again* Why is it that something as silly and minuscule as this makes me feel almost as though I'd purposely done something wrong? Why do I feel that now everyone at Sam's Club will be gossiping about me? "Remember that girl who came waltzing right in like she was a business owner-- only she was just a regular member?! The nerve!" (g) And can I ever show my face in there again? ;o)

To end on a more positive (less whiny) note--
If you need a laugh, take a few family photos over to ElfYourself and prepare to giggle. ;o) Thanks to Mom for the link!