Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another round with the all-knowing iPod (impostor)--

Because I enjoyed the other one, even if no-one else did. ;o)

(I take a certain degree of pleasure in writing sentence fragments-- sometimes even beginning with the word "because". Teachers always used to say that you had to know the rules before you were allowed to break them. I guess I know enough of the rules by now, and I'm not being graded these days, thank goodness.)

Same instructions as before:
1. Set you iPod (or other mp3 player) to "random" (or "shuffle", etc.-- you get the point).
2. Let the title of the song that pops up be the answer to the first question.
3. Continue from one random song to the next until you've completed the questionnaire.
4. Feel free to comment on the answers generated by your all-knowing iPod. ;o)
5. Cheaters will be punished. (You don't want to find out how. . .)
6. Everyone's invited to play along. Come up with some of your own questions, too, if you like!

What makes me giggle uncontrollably?
Bitter Sweet Symphony -- The Verve
I have a *weird* sense of humor!

What always brings a tear to my eye?
We Are All Made of Stars -- Moby

What makes me madder than a hornet?
Shadows in Silence -- Enigma
Apparently, it's very easy to incur my wrath. Shadows and silence are generally thought fairly unobtrusive things. Lots of Enigma popping up, considering there's just one album of theirs on here. . .

What's my hidden talent?
Everywhere -- Moustache
Now, if the question had been "*where's* my hidden talent". . . As it is, I'm confused. I hope it's not trying to tell me that my hidden talent is a *mustache*!

What should I do for the weekend?
Le Moulin -- Amélie soundtrack
I think that means "the mill" in French. I don't know of any nearby mills to visit, however. Unless. . . it means the paper mill in Mobile? (Is that still even running these days?) In any case, not my idea of a great place to go for the weekend.

What would I do for a Klondike bar?
A Whiter Shade of Pale -- Sarah Brightman
So. . . stand out in the cold until I'm a whiter shade of pale? I'm not sure. I've never understood the lyrics of this song. (Maybe that's the point.) It always makes me think of The Canterbury Tales ("as the miller told his tale").

What kind of driver am I?
Mrs. Robinson -- Simon and Garfunkel
??? What kind of driver was Mrs. Robinson? I don't think I like being compared to her, even on the merits of our respective driving styles. ;o)

How would you (the mp3 player) describe my diet?
Avila -- The Wailin' Jennys
Makes no sense whatsoever. I've always assumed "Avila" was supposed to be the name of the town in the song. Ok, I think I'll hit the button again and see if the next song is any better. (No-- this isn't cheating. (g) After all, I shared the first result, didn't I?)
Sumiregusa -- Enya
I think this means "wild violet" in Japanese. So, evidently Meizu thinks I'm a vegetarian. And not just a regular vegetarian, but one of those really kooky ones who eat flowers. ;o)

What about my housekeeping skillz? ;o)
Some Good Thing -- The Wailin' Jennys
*Another* Wailin' Jennys song?! This thing doesn't really know the meaning of "random". Well, it has the word "good" in it. That's way better than I'd dared to hope!

What's my nom de plume?
Dante's Prayer-- Loreena McKennitt
Hm. If you leave off the "'s". . . Dante Prayer. Sounds like someone who'd write velvet cloaky type things set in medieval times. Maybe tweak the "last name" a bit. . . I'll add it to my list of possibilities. ;o)

What's my family motto?
La Valse Des Vieux Os -- Amélie soundtrack
Well, it *looks* like something that ought to be a family motto. ;o) However, I don't think I've found any threads in the family history leading back to France. As far as I can tell, the title means "The Waltz of the Old Bones". . . or something like that. Conjures up some E.A. Poe for me-- the translation of the name, not the melody itself.

What do my dogs think of me?
Sally's Song -- Danny Elfman (from The Nightmare Before Christmas)
The title doesn't say much, but the song itself is full of hopeless love-- going on caring about someone while not even sure if they notice you. Sounds pretty typical of a loyal dog. We go about our busy lives, sometimes taking for granted their silent devotion. (sniffle) I need to go visit the puppies after this. . . ;o)

What's the name of my perfect shade of lipstick?
Curly Sue -- from the soundtrack of the movie by that name
Hee hee. Weird name for a lipstick. Let's give it another try and see what my second most perfect shade of lipstick might be. (g)
Ice Dance -- from Edward Scissorhands
Ooh. Sounds pretty. But it sounds like it's more for cool complexions, and I'm "warm". I think. I'm never completely certain of those things. The descriptions are confusing and often contradictory. Besides, I usually just wear whatever I feel like wearing-- cool, warm, or merely lukewarm. ;o)

What do people think when they first taste my cooking?
Ashokan Farewell -- Jay Ungar
Beautiful song, but. . . does that mean that the mere taste of my cooking is enough to make someone think it might be time to say their final goodbyes?

What's the secret to success?
Kiss Me -- Sixpence None the Richer
Hm. Meizu, are you suggesting that I should use my feminine wiles to get ahead? ;o)

What's the meaning of life?

Roxanne -- The Police
You've *got* to be kidding. I feel cheated. I don't even really like this song. (What's it doing on here?) How about I give it another go?
Somebody Said Goodbye -- Enya
Yeah? Well, ok, if that's the best you've got. . . I guess it's meant to remain a mystery. ;o)

What do you (the mp3 player) think of my taste in music?
Bittersweet Me -- R.E.M.
You don't sound very happy. Trust me, you could have had worse luck.

(This is the end of the meme. Kind of abrupt, isn't it?)