Thursday, January 17, 2008


While refilling the dogs' food bowl (outside, on the back porch), I just found a black widow, lying belly-up not far from the bowl. I don't know if it was dying or just stunned by the cool weather, but it wasn't completely dead yet, as I discovered when I was trying to slide a piece of paper under it. (As for why I would so such a thing-- I wanted a closer look at it, but of course dogs always have to be right under your nose, and I didn't want them seeing it and nosing it-- or accidentally stepping on it.)

Anyway, at the first sign of motion I panicked and squashed it, so it's certainly dead now-- but I have to wonder if there are more (or an egg sac) in some nook or cranny of the porch. I guess I need to go spider hunting. Always lots of fun. ;o)