Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Fun: Style Edition

Another meme? Sure, why not? ;o)

This one's called Friday Fun, and here are the questions (and my answers):

1. Which decade do you fall in? 20’s, 30’s, etc.? I won’t ask for an exact age!

I'm in my 20s, but only for another year. (It's still hard for me to believe that it's been that many years since high school!)

2. Do you subscribe to the theory that there are age appropriate clothes? Or can they, in general, span the generations?

I think that it's less a matter of what's "age appropriate" than what suits your body. Obviously, we all look better in some things than in others. We ought to try to wear things that flatter us (or at least don't emphasize our worst traits), simply out of respect for ourselves. ;o) In theory, anything that's ok for a 20-year-old to wear should be ok for a 90-year-old, if she still wants to wear it. Or in other words, the young whippersnapper probably shouldn't be wearing stuff that would be inappropriate (immodest) for her great-great-grandmother to wear. Of course, Great-Grandma probably doesn't want to wear the latest fashions. . .

3. Do you think you “dress your age” in accordance with the current “appropriate” styles?

Yeah, I think I do, more or less. Maybe I wear less "professional" clothes than many women my age, but I doubt many of them would wear professional clothes if they didn't have to. (g) I definitely don't go out and buy an all-new wardrobe just to fit in with the latest styles. I tend to shop either out of necessity (running out of "good" shirts or need another pair of pants) or because I see a great sale than because it's a new season and striped tops and chunky shoes are "in". However, I don't think I'm so far behind the times that I stand out. . . (At least I hope not.)

4. Are there “young” clothes that you wish you could wear but don’t feel like you still can? Is it based on your age or body type?

Not really. . . Keep in mind that I may not be up on the latest styles ;o) but I can't think of anything the teens or early-20s are wearing that I "couldn't" wear, if I wanted to. (Of course, I'm not that much older than they are-- yet.)

There are things I wish I looked better in, though-- and things that I've never (since my teens) liked to wear, and probably never will. I do not wear sleeveless shirts or things that show my back. . . I'm not big on shorts, either. It's not a modesty issue. It's more that I just don't think I look as good in those things as I look in something else. I'd also like to lose a little weight, and that's in large part so that I'd look better (more like I did before I got married). I don't think it's enough weight (or enough of a personal issue) that it'd keep me from wearing something I really wanted to wear.

5. Do you find that you are more comfortable in your own skin as you get older?

I think (hope) that this will become more evident in the next decade or two. I guess it's true for me, already, to some degree. I can't say that I never worry about certain aspects of my appearance, but it's much less of a concern than it was when I was a middle and high schooler. I guess that's partly due to age and experience-- learning that most people are too busy with their own lives to notice my physical weak points (or really care about them, even if they do notice). Being married to a sweet husband is also a confidence booster. ;o)

6. Do you have a thing for a particular kind of clothes? Like you love all things cargo pants, or tennis shoes, or T-shirts, etc.?

My favorite clothes are cold-weather clothes (or at least cool-weather clothes). I love jeans that fit just right. Right now, I prefer bootcut/flare-leg jeans to straight-leg jeans. I love three-quarter-sleeved tees and sweaters. I mostly wear tennis shoes (or athletic shoes-- whatever you like to call them), but I also have a couple pair of other favorite shoes, including some zip-up ankle boots. I definitely don't wear very high heels. I like shoes that I could walk for miles in without getting blistered heels or pinched toes. I guess you could say I like to balance appearance with comfort-- or maybe tip the scales in the direction of comfort. ;o)