Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tid-bits again. . .

I found a small (about a foot long?) snake on the easement, this morning. I'm not sure how it died, but it may have been crushed, as it was right in the middle of one of the tire tracks. (By the time I went back to take the photo below, it had been driven over a few more times, and it was getting pretty squashed. I tried to crop out the gory parts. (g))

It gave me a nice little shock. I think I'm paying attention as I walk along-- looking out for snakes in particular-- but somehow I still didn't see the thing until I was right upon it-- just a couple of feet away. I guess my mind wanders. . .

I think it looks like a moccasin (aka cottonmouth), but I probably tend to think every snake looks like a moccasin. ;o) What do you think?

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I came across this link today: Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time. I've read through the top ten, and there are some good ones. (g) (Donald had already told me about #3, as it happened in Sweden.)

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Donald and Jocke (our visitor) killed three of those giganto monster bumble bees, yesterday evening. Added to one Donald had already killed, that makes four. Maybe now we'll now be able to come and go without being harassed.

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Somehow our plans to fix up our "temporary" step to the kitchen door morphed into "wouldn't it be nice to enlarge it and give a nice spot for pets to rest?" (It's one of the shady spots, and it's near a door, so it's a natural choice for an afternoon nap.) Then that somehow grew into a little patio with some type of shading so we can enjoy it, too.

Of course, this is all still theoretical. The only things really growing are our plans. ;o) But we did buy some concrete pavers, so we're definitely going to be building something. . .

It's hard to see what color they are, in this photo. . . And they actually do change color a lot, depending on whether they're wet or dry. They're a pretty close match to our tinted mortar, if you're familiar with that. Sort of a slightly reddish/maroonish brown.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

We put the bottom layer of pavers there on Sunday, and all the rest on Monday. Yet already I found some ants trying to colonize! They don't waste any time!

Industrious little creatures. Too bad I'm going to have to demolish them. ;o) Yeah, I'm pretty heartless. I may feel a small twinge when I do away with them, but we don't want a yard crawling with fire ants! I've already done one round of ant poisoning this year. Looks like I'm going to have to do another one soon. . .

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It suddenly strikes me that there are a lot of dead or doomed critters in this entry. . . I hope I haven't put a damper on your day. After all, they're all pest-type animals. ;o)