Friday, November 28, 2008

Wasting Time w/ Photoshop

I'm an expert. Not at Photoshop, but at wasting time with it.

If I were an expert at Photoshop, I'd have made the edges look curled, torn, and/or burned like an old piece of paper, but oh well. The program was in a really bad mood toward the end of this session, so I decided this was good enough.

(Click to see it larger.)

I was having lots of fun and contemplating making "WANTED" posters for everyone I've ever known, until Photoshop started misbehaving. Maybe some other time.

Meanwhile, no, our Christmas tree isn't up yet, and it probably won't be going up today. To tell the truth, I just don't feel in the mood for Christmas, yet. Sometimes it feels like a waste to put so much effort into something that no-one will even see (apart from the two of us). I'm sure I'll end up putting it up sooner or later, but at the moment it just seems like a lot of work for nothing. . . (Yes, obviously the Christmas spirit isn't in me today.)