Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amusements du Jour

Via an "anonymous" designer:  Clients from Hell
Enjoy the weirdness, rudeness, and/or cluelessness of a certain percentage of the public, as witnessed by those who design for a living.  (Anyone who knows the joy of explaining computery, techy things to decidedly non-techy people might also get a kick out of it.)  Admittedly, some of the snippets deserve a response along the lines of "um, okay... I think you were the odd one in that situation".  But then you have classics like...
  • "Isn’t it as simple as putting in a button to select different languages? Just look at Facebook."
  • "We want to know for sure who we are dealing with here. After registration, users need to send a copy of their passport or identification to us by mail."
  • “How do you spell HTML?”
  • "I’m afraid of Facebook, people can find you through it. They could have complaints and I don’t want to be hunted down by the Facebook people."
  • "We are on a bit of a rush for this one, I’m going into jail on Tuesday."
  • ...and many, many more!  ;o)

Via being alive and on Flickr circa 2008:  What's in Your Bag?
There's no single link for this one.  If you're interested, just go to Flickr and do a "groups" search for "what's in your bag".  You'll find quite a few variations on the theme.  Basically, a person pours out everything in his/her bag/purse, arranges it (neatly or not so neatly, according to taste), and gets it all into a single photograph, which is then put online for the whole world to admire.  I'm not sure when this actually became a "thing"/meme, but I know it's been a few years, at least, since I first heard of it. 

Though looking at such similar photos from so many strangers can get boring after a while, the idea itself is interesting, and you can sometimes get a real sense of a person's life-- or at least his or her sense of style-- based on the little things s/he carries around on a daily basis.  (Also, it's like snooping, but with no guilt. (g))  Of course, then you have people like me who probably don't have anything interesting in their bags at all-- not much to provide a clue to the person's interests in life.  I don't usually carry "fun" things in my purse-- just the basics I need (or think I may need) when I leave the house.  ...Which reminds me that I've never done this myself.  Maybe I will, today.